Pregnancy with KTWS

Pregnancy with KTWS, AVMs, and an AK Amputation, Oh My!

I got married in September 2009 and, now, my husband and I are eager to start a family.  The concern is that those pesky AVMs that were ultimately the cause of my amputation are still in my residual limb and pelvis and may cause serious, even fatal complications to a potential pregnancy.  They aren’t growing or getting any worse – in fact, regular bi-annual MRIs have indicated that there has been no change to the AVMs at all in the last five years.  Luckily, I have no AVMs in my uterus or abdominal wall.

A few doctors have said it’s just not possible for me to survive labor and delivery; many others have said my body couldn’t support a pregnancy because of my amputation and the difficulty with a prosthesis.  But doctors have been wrong before.  My husband and I visited a High Risk Obstetrician about a week ago (early-April 2010) who did say that there were significant risks (we wouldn’t be able to have a natural birth) but that there were interventions and medications and operations to fix anything (eek!).  He’s supposedly the best OB in regards to vascular issues in the San Francisco Bay Area, but has not delivered a woman with KTS.  He has, however, delivered women with AVMs.

I’ve created this blog because there MUST be other women out there with KTS and/or pelvic AVMs who have had successful deliveries of healthy children.  There MUST be women out there who have above-the-knee (AK) amputations and had fantastic, healthy pregnancies.  I need to know what complications there were, if any, and I’d love to know the OB who did the delivery.  I need as much guidance as I can get.  Please tell me your story and give me your advice.


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